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Emergency Preparedness

A recent survey shows that only 45% of households in 
King County have an Emergency plan.

Remember the powerful Pacific storm that swept across our region on December 14, 2006? Western Washington was wretched by torrential rains as much as three-fourths of an inch within 45 minutes, followed by severe winds up to 60 mph that toppled trees and scattered debris everywhere. As a result more than 1.5 million households were without power throughout western Washington and Oregon, many of us for several days.


The message is simple, be ready to survive on your own for a minimum of 
3 days following a disaster. 

Any steps you take today will help you and your family be prepared, whether from
a major earthquake, flooding, winter and ice storms, or a terrorist act.

1)  Make a Plan:  Your plan should have three important things: A meeting place, an out-of-area contact, and an emergency supply kit.

2)  Build a Disaster Kit:  A 3-day Emergency Supply Kit is a basic tool for providing peace of mind, comfort, and survival needs in the face of disaster. As seen with the impacts of past winter storms, earthquakes, and flooding King County Fire District 27 recommends being prepared for 7 days or more.

3)  Get Involved:  Learn CPR and First Aid training to be more prepared to help yourself, your family and your neighbors. Join a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). Talk about Emergency Preparedness and Disaster planning with your family, neighbors, and co-workers.

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